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Popcorn.js is a great library of script commands for controlling video, and triggering events from the timeline to make the content more interactive, created under the auspices of the Mozilla Foundation. It’s a powerful library that has been described as jQuery for video. I wanted to try out its possibilities for something artistic, inspired by the HTML 5 video experience created for Arcade Fire‘s Wilderness Downtown by Chris Milk and a team from Google, as well as OK Go!‘s All Is Not Lost HTML 5 video site. I couldn’t hope to even approach these amazing pieces of work, but I did manage to get Popcorn.js triggering lots of different types of event for my experiment The Earth Cools. The scripting puts text, articles from Wikipedia, images, and a Google Map into various DIVs, all in time with the playback of the slightly strange central video. I also used the opportunity to experiment with a responsive platform from ZURB called Foundation. It’s an esoteric project, but points towards experiments I intend to perform in the future.

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