Heading to South By

SXSW Interactive is allegedly the greatest event in the world for anyone in the creative Web and technology industries. Sitting here on a plane containing select former colleagues from my previous life as a computer magazine editor, it certainly feels like we’re heading for something big and important, something that crosses over between genres and […]

The End of TV!

So, I’ve been beavering away over the summer on the book I started a few years ago and have been struggling to get any headway with ever since. I did manage to get the first couple of chapters shipshape at the beginning of the year, but now I’ve completed five and there’s another one in […]

E-commerce for MintArts.com with Prestashop

E-commerce has been one of the main drivers of the Internet age, with sites like Amazon and Ebay becoming household names from nowhere in scarcely a decade. Their popularity has changed the face of retail in the “real world” forever. The latest trend of the last couple of years has been the flash sale, pioneered […]