E-commerce for MintArts.com with Prestashop

E-commerce has been one of the main drivers of the Internet age, with sites like Amazon and Ebay becoming household names from nowhere in scarcely a decade. Their popularity has changed the face of retail in the “real world” forever. The latest trend of the last couple of years has been the flash sale, pioneered […]

Book Project – Chapter 1

Over more of the last few years than I should admit, I’ve been trying to put together a book that summarises and explains what is happening in the space where TV and film meet the Internet. Ever since I got interested in digital video editing, and the potential of online communications, around the same time […]

Hello (academic) world!

So I finally started an academic blog. Since I’ve been a permanent academic employee at Ravensbourne for around 9 months now, it seemed about time. Academia is still a very exclusive club. Research is still dominated by journals and specialist publishers which operate as gatekeepers for intellectual innovation. The exclusivity is in large part a […]