Tennant’s Extra

One of my proudest moments of 2012 was the project I worked on with the Royal Shakespeare Company based around Tim Crouch’s play I, Cinna. A few months ago, the Royal Shakespeare Company contacted me again to help run a similar event, only this time even bigger. The new project will be taking place on […]

Defiance: redefining transmedia?

One of Ravensbourne’s key focuses of study is how stories are now being told across multiple platforms, generally called transmedia. There was a rather significant panel at SXSW on a new venture in this area, called Defiance, which is both a game and a TV series, developed at the same time, rather than one after the other, as is usually […]

Kill him for his bad verses!

In just two weeks’ time, a project I have been working on for the last six months with Ravenbourne students, The Royal Shakespeare Company, networking company Cisco, and educational Internet provider Ja.net will be reaching its conclusion. The event is primarily based around a play written by Tim Crouch called I, Cinna (The Poet), which […]

Book Project – Chapter 1

Over more of the last few years than I should admit, I’ve been trying to put together a book that summarises and explains what is happening in the space where TV and film meet the Internet. Ever since I got interested in digital video editing, and the potential of online communications, around the same time […]

Hello (academic) world!

So I finally started an academic blog. Since I’ve been a permanent academic employee at Ravensbourne for around 9 months now, it seemed about time. Academia is still a very exclusive club. Research is still dominated by journals and specialist publishers which operate as gatekeepers for intellectual innovation. The exclusivity is in large part a […]